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The other night, D and I had a date. We planned to have dinner and attend a movie. Yay! I’d not done that in a long time, yet the nagging question for me was about what to eat while on this wheat free diet?

We did not have many restaurant options and, for the sake of convenience, ended up at Qdoba. They are a bit like Chipotle in that they offer southwestern food made fast at inexpensive prices.

I’d not been able to do my advance research on the menu as I normally do, so I knew I’d have to wing it. I was about to get a burrito and had plans to ditch the wrapper when I saw they offer their burritos “naked.” That means you can get a burrito in a bowl without the wrapper. Grilled squash, red pepper, onions and salsa were arranged on a bed of lime-infused rice with cilantro. The lime-infused rice was my favorite part. The only part I would have changed was to offer brown rice instead of white.

Anyway, it was delicious. Qdoba will be on my list of allowable restaurants. I’m not a fast food kind of person, yet occasionally there are not other options. It’s nice to know I (and you!) can find something to eat there.


Wheat-Free Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

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