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One of my good friends has to be on a wheat free diet, too.

She told me about a delicious pizza by Amy’s. It’s made with a rice crust and uses soy cheese. About a day after she mentioned it, I went to the health food store to buy one for myself.

I had not had pizza in what seems like ages! The toppings are cheese and spinach. While I first found the pizza to be a bit bland, it was easy to fix with my own spices. After adding a bit of garlic powder and some oregano, the flavor was much improved.

When I next buy one of the wheat free pizzas, I’ll add some other toppings as well. I bet it’d be good with meat or veggie sausage as well.

Eventually, I’ll make my own rice crust. How hard can it be?


Wheat-Free Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

Get these wheat-free, dairy-free and gluten-free dark chocolate chunk cookies and enjoy gigantic chocolate chips in a delicious cookie. It's SO nice to have a wheat free cookie actually taste wonderful.